Diner En Blanc Philly 2019

Diner En Blanc Philly 2019 took place at the historic Boat House Row along Kelly Drive. Over 6,000 guests gathered along Boat House Row dressed only in white, while toting their seating, table settings, dinner and of course drinks! The most amazing part apart about this event is that thousands of strangers from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and ages come together and share a whimsical night together of pure fun. Rosewood Avenue was in attendance to capture the fashion and fun of the night.

A Closer Look at The Details

There is no dress code to this event besides all white attire. Some take a more simple approach while others arrived in head to toe white costume. When the guests start to arrive it is amazing to see the amount of effort that is put into their looks. From head pieces, white lipstick and even white eyelashes! There is not a detail that goes unmissed. Although every guest is head to toe in white, each guest created a way to make their self look unique.


The best part of Diner En Blanc, besides the dancing, is the FASHION! Every year is different from the last. This year the 3 major trends Rosewood Avenue spotted at the event was voluminous tulle skirts, lace and matching pant suits.


No party is complete without entertainment and Diner En Blanc always provides the best! Being that it was on Boat House Road there were complimentary Surrey Rides that groups got on and strolled the event with. Although it caused a few traffic jams, guests enjoyed riding along the row. Along with the Surreys there were also The Pennsylvania Wheelman who drove around on the large wheeled bicycles. It made the night feel even more whimsical.

The guest favorite moment of the night is always the sparkler lighting that is sound tracked by Cold Play's Viva La Vida. Every guest rise and lights their sparkler and It is THE "Instagramable" moment of the night.

The best location of the event is always the dance floor, and there was not one but two dance floors. The dance floors are the locations where all the fun happens.The Great on Skate group performed followed by a live drum line. Hip hop dancers got the crowd loose by starting a Soul Train Line where the guest showed off some great and not so great dance moves. The rain did not stop this crowd. The dancing continued all throughout the night.

Although the night ended with rain, Diner En Blanc Philly 2019 at Boat House Row was still an unforgettable night. Where do you think the best all white party should take place next year?