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Pink Booties - Forever 21 *No Longer Available*

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Fanny Pack - Forever 21

About the fanny pack: I am all about exclusive pieces that no one else can come across or have. In today's fashion world, it is almost impossible to come across exclusive pieces unless you make it yourself or you have a designer make it for you. Well, I can't sew and I don't have a customer designer on staff here at Rosewood Avenue. This is when I get my creative juices flowing and come up with my own creations.

I found this awesome chain bag/ fanny pack at Forever 21 for $20. I thought it was a steal for the faux leather quality and chain detail. I thought that it was a little plain for me and decided to take it to a local airbrush designer in the Berlin Mart (located in South Jersey). For $20 I had them customize it with my brand name in my current favorite color, bright hot pink. Now I have a custom bag that no one else has. I can't tell you the amount of compliments I get on this bag! It’s a standout piece that has become a staple item in my wardrobe now.