HM Cargo Jumpsuit

Outfit Details

Cargo Jumpsuit

Original Cargo Jumpsuit - HM

Similar Jumpsuit #1 - Madewell (Currently on sale!)

Similar Jumpsuit #2 - & Other Stories


Nike Yellow Air Force Ones - ASOS

Air Force Option #1 - Velvet Pink

Air Force Option #2 - Black Floral

Styling Tips:

Jumpsuit - You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit. It is an outfit that is effortless because you just have to worry about one piece and accessories if you wish. This cargo style jumpsuit from HM fits true to size. The linen-blend material will give you a little stretch, so definitely don't think about sizing up. I also added some other similar styles if you wanted to go jumper crazy like I am this season.

Sneaks - I toned this jumpsuit down for a more casual look with a fresh pair of yellow accented air forces. I am obsessed with air forces lately! There is no better feeling than stepping into a fresh, crease free pair of forces. My white neon yellow combo pair are from ASOS, but I've included some other funky forces from Nordstrom.

Accessories - My accessories were very minimal for this look. I just added earrings and a clutch for an extra pop. I was lucky enough to have an old clutch from Express that paired perfect with the yellow in my sneaks. To add a feminine touch, I paired a super cheap pair of pearl hoops from Burlington Stores