Adidas Originals x Danielle Cathari

October 24, 2018

Adidas collabed with an Amsterdam based designer Danielle Cathari and released a modern version of their classic track suit. The track suit became a quick must have as it was seen on nearly all of the Kardashians and the hottest trendsetters in the game. The track suit sold out quickly, but not just because it was sported by fashion icons. This Adidas number embraces a curvy silhouette and accents a slim waist line. I felt confident when I wore mine and truly felt like it embraced my curves and body type. This track suit gets 5 stars from me! I hope they continue to release this track suit in updated colors. I will keep you updated if they do!







Because this drop was super exclusive, it sold out very quickly. I purchased mine immediately when it was released on and I also saw the collab on ASOS as well. Unfortunately, both of these retailers have sold out of the collab. I haven't be able to come across it, besides on resale sites. Don't fret! I am not going to leave you hanging.  Here are some of my favorite track suits below:




Lovello Elizabeth - Zentai II


Philadelphia's street wear brand, Lovello Elizabeth, has flooded the city with their Zentai II jumpsuits. The only thing missing when you put on this mirical jumpsuit is your cape. It will have you feeling like super women the way it shapes and fits your body. They are restocking this week! Make sure you follow their Instagram (@lovelloelizabeth) to get an immediate update for when they release the Zentai II this week.


Milano Di Rouge - Venus & Mars Jumpsuit


Milano Di Rouge is another Philadelphia home grown brand that has become a popular brand among celebrities like Meek Mill. Milano offers an assortment of jumpsuits and sweat suits on their website. Their Venus & Mars jumpsuit has a similar fit to the Danielle Cathari track suit. This jumpsuit also comes in a bold red and cinches at the waist creating a curvy silhouette.


Adidas Originals - Exclusive on ASOS

Black Bottoms ; Green Bottoms ; Jacket


If you want to stay loyal to Adidas, I was able to find a super cool track suit that you can still rep your 3 stripes in.







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