Diner En Blanc Philadelphia

Diner En Blanc is an annual all white picnic that happens exclusively in many cities around the world. Guest who have managed to get a coveted ticket to the event pack up their own food and drinks, along with their own tables, chairs, and table decorations. Just minutes before the event begins, the guest receive the secret location and make their way to the pop up picnic sporting head to toe white. This year the City of Philadelphia hosted its 7th annual Diner En Blanc in the heart of City Hall. Over 5,500 people flooded Dilworth Park in all white attire last Thursday evening. It was a magical event where people of every race, skin color, gender, religion, age and class gathered together and celebrated under the stars in City Hall. Rosewood Avenue covered the event with Philly PR Girl to bring you the best fashion and what to expect if you plan on attending the event next year.

When getting dressed for this event the obvious rule is to wear white. When we say white, we don't mean a white dress with yellow flowers or white sneakers with a black Nike swoosh, we mean ALL WHITE. Don't be the odd person out and wear pale pink thinking it is close enough to white, because you will surely stick out among an all white crowd. Although it is extremely hard to spot your friend out in an all white crowd, it is amazing how unique each and every look was.

When getting dressed for the event make sure you have some fun while doing it, and remember there are no rules except that you must wear white! Some guest make their outfits playful and arrive in costume, like an all white pirate or mock Hugh Hefner seen below. Others make it whimsical and dress in princess like tutu skirts that light up the night, literally!

Along with extravagant outfits, you can't forget about an equally extravagant accessory. Head pieces and umbrellas were popular accessories within the all white crowd. The umbrellas added a charm to any look, and the lavish headware topped any outfit off perfectly!

Everything about this event is over the top from the outfits, to the performances to the center pieces!

​Once you get your all white outfit ready, be prepared to enjoy live entertainment and surprises all night long! This years Diner En Blanc's entertainment was filled with local talent like the Drew Nugget Band, West Philly's own Hip Hop Fundamentals dancers, the Philadelphia Pan Stars Steel Orchestra, live poetry by The Event Poet, Irish Dancers and the West Philly Orchestra just to name a few. At every corner you turned there was something exciting taking place.

Diner En Blanc is truly a magical evening, and you do not want to miss it!

For more information about the event and how to not miss out on next year's fun visit: https://philadelphia.dinerenblanc.com/