Current Obsession: Floral Blazers

Blazers always have been a go to for me, probably because I can validate buying several different blazers vs. other styles. The main reason being, I can wear blazers to work as well as incorporating them into my style outside of the office. Nothing is worse than feeling like you have to buy for 2 different people's style. For me that is Corporate Tori and Blogger Tori's style. Even though I work in a more casual work environment, there are still guidelines I have to follow that doesn’t always align with my style. Even the slightest bit of rules causes me to struggle to buy work clothes. The one thing I don't have to struggle with is adding funky blazer options into my wardrobe. 

Outfit Details

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Pants: Asos - Currently Sold out *Similar Options Below*

Pant Option 1 - Pretty Little Thing

Pant Option 2 - ASOS

Pant Option 3 (Plus) - ASOS

Blazer: Zara

Bag: Zara

Belt: I bought at Hot Topic and isn't being sold online.

Styling TIPS - If I could change one thing about this look it would be the shoes. I am not loving the open toe shoes with this look. instead - I would wear a pointy toe booty of some sort.

- I belted this look for a more tailored look but this belt can be equally sleek with an open, slouchy blazer paired with your favorite tee!