Mixing Prints: Floral Blazer & Camo Shorts

I love looking back to see how much my style has evolved into something so unique and special. The more I experiment, the more comfortable I get with trying new things or wearing eccentric pieces. There was a time (before I knew any better) where I was so matchy-matchy. I would never dare to mix prints together or even colors for that matter. Today I am sharing a look with you wear I mixed two of my favorite prints, and rocked it! I picked two opposite prints, camo and floral, to make an even more untraditional pair. This look could be repeated in so many different ways by switching the blazer or shorts. You can pick 2 florals print options or 2 muted prints. However you may decide to try this look, try experimenting with two prints you might not have paired together and try it on together. You may be surprised like I was to find a cohesive look.

More Pics & Outfit Deets Below.


Outfit Details

Exact Match

Blazer: Zara

Belt Bag: Zara

Boots: Public Desire

Camo Shorts:

I bought these from a "mom & pop" style shop in the Berlin Mart Berlin, NJ. Below I linked the same shorts, just from Amazon.

Camo Shorts: Amazon *Note - They run VERY big*

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