Less Is More

April 20, 2018



Being a fashion blogger, there’s always so much pressure on having such extravagant outfits. To stand out in such a saturated world of fashion and street style, you have to have a unique style. By being a unique style blogger, I have to think out of the box and be different but still relatable at the same time. It can be challenging but that’s the fun of being a creative influencer. Rarely have I done simple outfits, because I always want to have a wow factor. That’s can be hard to do with a simple look. Fashion is all about breaking the rules and expressing yourself though, right? This week I wanted to share with you a more cleaned up look. Below are the details to a look that is clean cut but still trendy. Being a woman who is looked at for style, I always want to have some element of trend. Me being me, of course I always have to spice it up with some sexiness to. I paired a sexy side slit skirt with a shimmery button up top for a trendy but simple look. Outfit details are below. Enjoy! Xo 












Outfit Details


Skirt - Zara


Silver Blouse - Zara


Strappy Heels - Kenneth Cole


This heel is almost gone! Don't worry though, I listed similar styles below under $75.


Heel Option 1


Heel Option 2






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