Pink Pop

Yesterday marked the second week of the New Year and I already cheated on my diet, haven't touched my resume yet that I need to redo, skipped out on the gym to go drink and eat bar food and still haven't used my new planner yet to ya know, "plan". It's all good though, I still have 357 days to rock 2018! The good thing is that I have been spending some much needed time working on Rosewood related things. So far I planned several new stylin' outfits and met up with a new photographer/creative who I am going to collaborate more often with. We shot a chic red look that I shared a sneak peek of on my Instagram yesterday. I can't wait to share with you the full look! This year I plan on focusing on fashion and my blog much more, so get ready for a lot of amazing things coming to Rosewood. The first look of the year I am sharing is PINK POP. I have been experimenting with bold colors and mixing them together to make a cohesive bold look and PINK POP is a result of that. See below for outfit details and images on the PINK POP look.

Special thanks to Rocket Fizz on 3rd and Arch in Old City (Philly) for letting me use their AWESOME candy/soda store as my back drop.

Get The Look

Top: H&MThis top just went on sale!

Skirt: The skirt pictured I bought at Zara over the summer and it is currently sold out in green. I linked a few similar styles.

Skirt - Option 1 | Zara

Skirt - Option 2 | Tobi

Skirt - Option 3 | Nordstrom

Shoes: Steve Madden