Belt Bags Are Bomb

​Happy Monday!

I hope everyone is staying sane during this crazy time of year, and really taking the time to relax and enjoy this season with the ones they love most.

Today I featured one of my favorite looks this fall. What's not to love about a long line plaid jacket and the cutest belt bag, right?

This look was inspired by menswear but still has it's feminine touches. The outfit details are below.

Get The Look

Denim: The Jeans are by WAX and can be found at stores like Burlington and TJ Max in the Juniors Department.

They are under $20, have a great fit and stretch.

Plaid Coat: I bought this coat at Primark in KOP for about $50. It is the perfect light weight, layering jacket. Unfortunately, Primark doesn't have this coat online but I linked some great options if you can't find it in stores. Click the links below!

Plaid Coat Option 1: ASOS

Plaid Coat Option 2: Nordstrom

Plaid Coat Option 3: Forever 21

Plaid Coat Option 4: ASOS (Plus Size)

Booties: The booties are from Zara last year and are no longer available but I wasn't going to leave you hanging!

Check the links below for similar color block bootie styles.

Booties Style 1: Marc Fisher

Bootie Style 2: Public Desire

Bootie Style 3: Dolce Vita

Belt Bag: I acted quick on this bag and was able to scoop it up before it sold out on Zara's website. I check their new styles out almost daily because the good stuff goes quick. Don't fret though, I have super cool styles linked down under.

Belt Bag 1: ZARA

Belt Bag 2: ASOS

Belt Bag 3: Nordstrom