Throwing 2017 In The TRASH

I can't believe it is December already, and I am honestly not mad about it. I just want 2017 to go away. It has been a rough year for me and I am sure so many people can relate. I'm not trying to be a complainer or a "Debby Downer", but this year has been filled with heartbreak, lots of problems and pure stress. I have to always remind myself that things can be insanely worse in life, but that pessimistic chip on my shoulder is also there to remind me things could be better to. I am trying to set up my 2018 so that is going to be full of success, new opportunities and excitement. I started planning my 2018 so I can be happy and achieve my goals. Check out some of the steps I am taking below.

1.) Goals/Action Plan: Write down all that you want to accomplish in 2018, be realistic but also set your standards high. Get your 5 biggest goals and develop an action plan for them. It is so helpful for me to get my thoughts on paper (aka somewhere in my Macbook). You can't just expect things to happen. You have to go after them, plan for them and prepare for them.

2.) Get Out & GO: Go get inspired! Inspiration comes from your surroundings and the things you do. It is so easy to get wrapped up in your daily routine and lose inspiration by constantly sticking to that routine. Whether it is taking an hour drive to a new town or city you haven't visited in a while, catching a train to a new state, or booking your dream trip to a magical island. Just do it! Don't wait for your friends to stop playing and book the ticket either. Do it by yourself if you have to, you won't regret it. Traveling can be tough on the wallet. That is sometimes the reason I don't go as often as I'd like. If you can't afford to travel somewhere far, catch a bus ride to a new city you've never been to for the day. Don't forget to ask the locals for the best places to visit and eat at, they are your best tour guides.

3.) Start Now: I am not going to wait until January 1st to take action in my goals. I need to start now and so should you. By preparing and getting an early start I could be achieving goals before the new year arrives. I am going to start going to the gym this week, not after New Years Eve. I am going to start booking trips now, not when a friend proposes the idea to me. I am going to start redesigning my website now, not after the crazy Holidays. If you are unhappy with your life you have to take the initiative to get rid of everything that makes you unhappy and start fresh. Don't wait for anyone to make you happy, start today. Start now.


Knotted Velvet Dress: Zara

Patent Leather Booties: Public Desire

Velvet Baker Boy Hat: Zara

Bag (same brand different version): TOPSHOP


My black distressed jeans are from Fashion Nova last year when I did a collab with them. They are no longer available but you could pair any color/style of denim with the look and it will look equally fab.

The top is actually a dress but I styled it as a tunic. It is a burnout velvet material so it was very see through and it wasn't ready for all of my curves! I would have been popping out left and right. Gosh, can Zara just make plus size clothing already.