HoliYAY - Old Navy Collab

Just like that, the Holidays are right around the corner! You don't want to wait last minute to shop, and you certainly don't want to miss out on any deals. I partnered with Old Navy this Holiday season to style some of my favorite pieces. The great thing about shopping with Old Navy is that you don't have to wait until Black Friday to get a great deal. They always have great deals, regardless of the occasion. If you have a secret Santa at work with a $10 budget or a family Pollyanna with a $50 budget, you can find the perfect gift at Old Navy for any gender or age. I picked 5 key items that are great for gift giving and also a great addition to your closet this winter.

Check them out below and see how I styled my Old Navy fit!

1.) Coat: Everyone needs a great coat for the chilly weather. You may want a weather resistant style or a more fashionable look, Old Navy will cater to all of those needs. I chose a long fashionable coat that would still keep me warm. This coat is selling quickly and I don't want you to miss it!

2.) Jeans: One thing I don't think anyone can have too much of is denim jeans, especially now since there are so many fashion styles. From embroideries, destruction, boyfriend, fray hem, super soft or super skinny, there are so many styles to choose from. I chose a roll cuff boyfriend jean with a super washed color. They are still super comfortable and has a good amount of stretch without being a jegging. This fit is hard to come across.

3.) Flannel: Who doesn't love a comfy flannel?! You can wear it as a button up, layer it with a cool graphic tee or tie it around your waist as an outfit completer. There are so many fun prints and colors to choose from. I love the classic red & black lumber jack version the best.

4.) Bag: Accessories are the best way to add a statement and a pop to any outfit. It's also a great gift to give any lady (Who doesn't love a new handbag?!). Velvet, flannel, faux fur and other fun textures are fun options to choose from, and great to wear during the Holiday season.

5.) Beanie: Hats, gloves and scarves are the typical Holiday gift sets. I remember getting a new set nearly every Christmas. It's still a great gift to give, just try switching it up this year by mixing prints and styles. Try getting a flannel scarf with crochet gloves to match.

Outfit Details

*Everything besides my shoes & sunglasses were bought from Old Navy*

Direct shopping links for all Old Navy Pieces are below.