October 23, 2017


By this time of the year I can usually bring out the faux fur and chunky sweaters but since we are having a mild fall in the Philadelphia area they will have to wait. If you live in an area that has 60-70 degree weather on the regular, or are also experiencing this bazaar weather with me, I have the perfect pant for you. Culottes are perfect for a transitional wardrobe. You can dress them with a sandal or tank on a warmer day, or a tall boot and sweater on a cooler day. About 12 years ago when I had my first pair of knit culottes I always called them gauchos. The fashion world has updated the look and gave it a much cooler name as well. The cargo version of  a COOLotte I styled below are from H&M and have a high waisted fit. I paired it with a cropped sweatshirt also from H&M that has funky back detailing. I took this sexy safari look to the extreme with a lace up booty and printed clutch.


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Outfit Details


Pants: H&M

Sweatshirt: H&M

Shoes: Steve Madden

Styling Tips From Tori:


Pants: They are true to size. I bought a 14 and love the fit. They are high waisted and will cover & snatch the tummy area. Top: I bought a size 10 in the top because that was the largest they had in stores. I wish I got it bigger because I would have liked a more oversized look, especially with the pants I wore them with. This shirt is cropped and has a super fun back detail that works perfect with a high waist bottom. Shoes: These shoes are SO cute but I don't last more than an hour or two in them when I am on my feet. Definitely a VIP only type of shoe (LOL).

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