Tearin' It Up

I have tried to make rigid denim work for me, but I feel like it is never going to happen. Rigid denim is denim with no stretch. It is the perfect canvas for destructed fashion jeans. Because of its tough texture, destruction looks amazing on this denim fabrication. It also is nice to have a sturdy, thick jean in your wardrobe. I personally want more jeans that are so stretchy and thin. Unfortunately, that is what fits my body the best. The downfall about rigid denim is that there is ZERO give. Right after these shots I sat down and the rips just kept ripping. One wrong turn and I would have probably given a lot of strangers a free show. Whoops! Curvy girls want super distressed, rigid denim too! I bought these jeans for under $40 so I will still be happy if I can get a couple more wears out of it, but c'mon! I shouldn't have to movie stiffly just to not tear the destruction anymore. The perfect rigid jeans for a curvy girl will have a rigid front, so the destruction will still look awesome, and the back fabric of the jean will have more spandex in it hug curves. That is a million dollar idea right there! I am still on the hunt for a curvy girl, rigid jean.

Outfit Details

Sweater: Rachel Roy @ Macy's

Jeans: H&M

Denim Overcoat: Zara

Shoes: Forever 21

(it looks sold out but left the link in case they are restocked)

Similar Shoe Option

Styling/Purchasing Tips

Sweater: This sweater is a MUST. I know it is a little pricey but I haven't found an off the shoulder sweater that buttons up an d it long. You can really have some fun with the button feature and style is many different ways. Jeans: These jeans are rigid (aka they have no stretch). They are not good for girls with curves. Every time I bent down or turned to fast, the rips got bigger. They do look really cute but I know they won't last too long until it rips a little TOO much. Denim Coat: Ditch the long trench or the wool overcoat for this trendy denim, long line jacket. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many close ups but this jacket has super cool zipper details with a black backing. Shoes: I don't like spending a lot of money on trendy shoes. I scooped these patent booties from Forever 21 for dirt cheap. I left the link if they come back in stock, but just in case I added a very similar option.