Easy Hour Glass Figure

Every girl is dying to get an hour glass shape. Whether it's dramatic or natural, curves are in style! With the trend in curvy body shapes comes the accessories that can accent your curves or create them. Corsets are designed to accent your waist and snatch it in. You can layer them over clothes or where them alone. Below you can see my styling tips on this look and where you can get this awesome denim corset for under $15!

Get the look for under $100

Jeans: Target

Denim Corset: ASOS

White Button Up Blouse: Zara

Styling Tips:

The jeans: They are super stretchy and comfortable! I bought these in store and bought a size 12 (not plus sized). Unfortunately Target only offer the plus size version on the website. You may have to hunt for these in store. Blouse: If you are wearing the blouse with a corset over it make sure you size up. When the corset is fitted around your waist it makes the blouse shorter. Corset: This bad boy is currently 70% off on ASOS now! Pair it with your favorite tee or style it solo with high waisted jeans.