24 - The Year of The Glow Up

Today I am turning 24. It's the year before I turn a quarter of a century, so that means I have to have my life completely together by next year? Yikes, I have a lot to get started on. I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish by the time I am 25. Goals that I have thought hard and long about. This year I want to live life with more of a purpose, move to my own home, land a career that I am passionate about, develop my own source of income that I have created from my own vision and travel more. These goals are completely achievable but I will certainly have to make sacrifices and figure out how to get there. I have dreams that are so big I get filled with fear and doubt myself and my capabilities. We are living during a time where everyone plasters their success all over the Internet. It can be motivational but also will have you questioning yourself. If she can own her own business at 23 why can't I? If he travels all over the world and has my dream car at 25, what do I have to do to achieve that? Seeing others success will certainly motivate you but it can also make you feel like you aren't doing things right. I have to constantly remind myself that you see one perspective of an image or status and can't let your success reflect off of that.

This past year I have accomplished huge milestones in my young adulthood. I graduated college, landed a corporate job, had my blog published on 3 MAJOR fashion publications, learned to cook better, I laughed A LOT, traveled to different cities and I have matured into a completely different women. Isn't it amazing how one year can change you in so many different ways? This year I have learned so much about myself. I discovered after 5 months at my new job that my dream career wasn't really my dream career. I also began to think NJ probably isn't where I want to spend the rest of my life. I definitely discovered that student loans SUCK and I should have went to a less expensive school. Even after dreaming of having 6 kids since I was a little girl, I question if I really want children. So many viewpoints of mine have changed. My ultimate realization was that I control my success. I can work late hours and slave at a major corporation but I may not see a promotion for years. If I am my own boss I can promote myself. I can control where/when I work. I can establish my own career that I am passionate about.

During my 24th year of life I am going to take all of the things I have learned about what makes me unhappy and create a life where I am truly happy. I want to be happy in my relationships, career, home and completely satisfied with myself. Turning 24 is the year that I will turn my life into my actual dreams. I'm not saying my success will be honorable by next year but I am going to build the foundation of my future success. I know I will cry, have anxiety attacks, probably lay in bed at night and think, "What the hell did I just start?!", but I have to start somewhere.

This year I am going to find the strength, grow some balls and be the bad ass women I know I can be.

Cheers to another year of life!

It is all about the Glow Up, baby!

Sending positive vibes your way, Tori. xx

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