Milano Making Power Moves

Philly may be known for being home of the Liberty Bell, yummy cheese steaks and the legendary Art Museum steps from Rocky, but it has never been a staple city for fashion. Milano Di Rouge changed that Sunday night when the 2300 Arena in South Philly was turned into a runway straight out of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The edgy street style brand Milano Di Rouge was established in Philadelphia, but has made its way around the world on celebrities like Meek Mill, Blacc Chyna, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Kim just to name a few. The Owner and Creative Director of the brand, Milan showed her leadership skills as she directed the models for hours during the final rehearsal. She was determined to put on a flawless show that represented power. Milan produced anything but a typical fashion show. The audiencs attention was captured throughout every second of the event. The show featured poetry by Sade Faison, a powerful ballet performance by Brittani, a short film and of course fashion. From the bold glam and hair to the striking shoes by Sim Diva of the Shoe Bar, the latest trends from fashion and beauty were represented on the runway. Milano Di Rouge brought high fashion to Philadelphia and Rosewood Avenue was there to capture every second of it. The show came to a finale when all of the models made a walk way and saluted the girl boss and owner of Milano Di Rouge. After she expressed her gratitude to her partners and the crowd an inspiring video played. The video took the audience through the brands growth and power moves that have been made and announced the next stop in bold writing... LA! The finale brought the crowd to tears as it was moving and inspiring to witness the growth and success of a what grew from a t-shirt line based out of Philly. Exciting things are expected from the Milano Di Rouge brand this year in anticipation of its LA expansion, and if it is anything like their 4th annual fashion show, there are big shoes to be filled.

Behind The Scenes