Layering Lace

Spring is here and I am so happy I can take off my big puffy coat and throw on a light jacket for the day. I have so many trendy, stylish jackets I hardly get to wear because it gets too cold/hot too quick. I worked at Nordstrom for many years and we could only wear jeans if we had a "third piece". This was supposed to prevent our outfits from getting "too casual", but it resulted in me having a huge "third piece" collection. Below I paired one of my favorite third pieces, my cropped motto leather jacket, to a stylish everyday outfit to create a more put together look. The motto jacket definitely got to my head and had me channeling my inner bad a$$ biker chick alter ego. (As you can see in the pics below.) I had to add a little feminine touch to this edgy look so I layered my lace duster from Forever 21 under my jacket for a soft touch and dramatic length. I am currently obsessed with bell sleeves and ended up adding my own. The sleeves of the lace duster turned into a bell sleeve when I put the leather jacket on top. I tackled so many trends with the look below by layering a few pieces together. Try layering a lighter and heavier "third piece" of yours to create a brand new look.

Outfit Deets

Jeans: Forever 21

- Forever 21 Plus +

Lace Duster: Forever 21

Forever 21 +

Jacket: Zara

Shoes: *Similar Style*

Sunglasses: Quay