Crazy About Corsets

March 14, 2017




If you are going to belt your outfit up this spring it has to be with a corset. I never wear plain buckle belts with clothes because I just don't like the way belts fit around my waist. I have been avoiding wearing belts since I was in middle school. They just don't work for me. Every time I would put a belt on, the belt would stay on my hips and the pants would slide under the belt. Its awkward to explain and looks even more awkward #BigBootyProbs. I decided to trade my belts (they never get worn anyways) in for corset style belts this season. These trendy belts snatch your waist and add a slimming feature to any outfit you pair it with. Besides, who doesn't want to look skinny? Below I styled a casual, everyday outfit and a romantic, dressier outfit with my favorite corset belt from Zara. Corset belts are the perfect accessory to make a statement to your outfit while they snatch your waist.


Dress It Up








Outfit Deets


Dress: Forever 21

Corset Belt: Zara

Shoes: Steve Madden

Rings: Forever 21







Casual Corset










Outfit Deets


Oversized t-shirt: Zara

Skirt - Similar Option

Corset: Zara

Shoes: Vans

Bag: Aldo











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