Never Give Up

Valentine's Day is a Holiday where you get to celebrate LOVE. You celebrate love for your family, love for your friends or love for that special someone in your life. Whether it is a home made card, a bottle of Patron (the true way to my heart) or a big hug and a simple "I love you", there are many ways to celebrate your love for someone. This Valentine's Day I am celebrating a love that is challenging, a love that is real and a love that is forever.

Here's Our Story (The Mini Version):

Preem and I met through Instagram, how romantic, right? We exchanged numbers in July of 2012 and we rarely have gone a day without speaking since. We didn't jump right into a relationship right away. Both of us were young and consumed in our separate lives but we always made it a point to spend time together and just vibe. He quickly became my best friend. We never put a title on our relationship because we didn't need one. We were happy with how things were. After nearly two years of being in a "situationship" we both realized one day... why the hell don't we just make it official?! So we did. We became an official couple over two years after we met. The title didn't make me love him anymore but I took pride in being called his girl.

Ever since then we lived happily ever after.

JUST KIDDING!!!! I am not here to sugar coat anything. We don't have the perfect story book love but we definitely have the potential for an entertaining reality show. Ha! We are the first to admit that our love is not perfect but it is certainly real. We have both been there for each other through some of the roughest and most exciting times of our lives thus far. The one thing I love most about Preem is that he supports me in ways money can't buy. I love especially how he embraces my career in fashion and my creative ideas for my blog. Every one always asks me who takes my pictures... yep that's Preem! He didn't go to school to be a photographer but he developed an amazing eye and offered to help me take my pictures. Now I never let anyone else take them for me. He knows my angles and what I like by paying attention to me when I get in front of the camera. Knowing the right camera angles has to be a top 5 boyfriend requirement for me and ladies I got me a winner! Another thing I love about Preem is that he is SO goofy. He makes me laugh so hard until I cry and he does it without even trying. Sometimes it's as simple as a look or silly noise and we will laugh uncontrollably until we can't breath. He even laughed so hard one time until he threw up. I told you we would have a great reality show. I can write a book of the reasons why I love Preem and why he makes me happy but I'll save that for another post.

Today and everyday I will celebrate our love. Preem, I love you and thank you for Never Giving Up.

Picture Location: Union Market, Washington D.C.