Making Dreams A Reality

After such an inspiring weekend that I witnessed from seeing so many courageous women unite, how could I not have an amazing start to my week?! I am so sad that I did not attend the Women's March but I am making it a goal of mine to attend next year. Look at how amazing it is when we all unite and support each other. I was so happy to see that because I have been trying to put together my own line of clothing and the only thing that keeps holding me back is fear. Fear of it being unsuccessful, fear of it being laughed at and fear of others not supporting me. After seeing all of these women stick together and support each other and causes that matter to them, made me lose a lot of fear. I have always supported small business owners, up and coming clothing lines and new music artists. I can't dwell on if others will support my future endeavors anymore. I have to just go for it! It's time that I put my thoughts into actions, make my dreams a reality and use my creativity to build my brand. With that being said... I am so happy to announce that Rosewood Avenue will be dropping a small line this Spring. The line will feature t-shirts, hats and one of a kind pieces. My goal is to eventually develop clothing and sell clothing on my website that ALL women can wear. It's time for women of ALL sizes to be able to wear the same style of clothing. Stay tuned ladies and I hope you all will support me. Xx

Outfit Deets

Jacket: Blank NYC

Blouse Option 1: Similar Style

Blouse Option 2: Similar Style

Denim: Topshop (Joni Style)

Shoes: Zara