Confidence Is Sexy

Being a woman in today's society I feel like it is so hard to be truly happy with your body, your mind and your reality. Us women are constantly battling with feeling like we are too tall/short or too fat/skinny in society's eyes. We look down on ourselves and sometimes others if we don't have the nicest designer bags and shoes, if we don't have the beautiful house with crystal chandeliers or we have a crazy relationship that is not #RelationshipGoals. Everyone displays their lives through social media to portray what they want themselves to look like or to portray what they want their lives to look like. It may not be their reality. I am a very curvy women who shares my style on social media. I have noticed that I will get more feedback when I post a "sexier" or more "revealing" look. In reality I am not wearing 6 inch heels and a mini skirt to work or running errands. It is simply just not practical. It is not my reality. I like to blog about looks that are wearable on different occasions and that other women can wear during their day-to-day lifestyle. I want to promote wearing less revealing looks and show women you can still feel sexy and great about yourself in a fully covered look. In the look above you can only see a few inches of skin above my knee and the rest of my body is covered. I still felt great in this outfit! I felt like I looked sophisticated and chic. I would totally wear this on date night and my boyfriend would still think I look amazing. Ladies, don't feel like you have to change the real you to fit in with society's standards or misconceptions of how women should dress. Do what makes you comfortable and feel good. Who says you can't wear a fully covered outfit and still feel like a sexy, confident women.

Confidence is sexy, not revealing clothes.

Outfit Deets

Top: Zara

Skirt: Topshop

Belt: Nordstrom

Shoes: Public Desire