Pink Fever

Pink has never been a color I gravitated towards, at least when it comes to my taste in fashion. It's so easy to just stick to what you know. It's a comfort thing. I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and styling fun pieces that are PINK! When I saw that the velvet booties I previously posted came in a blush pink, I didn't even hesitate to buy them. I would never think that I would own a pair of pink booties! And guess what?! I bought a pink bag to. I know I'm really channeling my inner Barbie girl. I styled my pink goodies with a pair of distressed skinnies and my favorite oversized sweater that I scored a great deal on during the Black Friday sales. The sweater is also distressed and very holy so you may want to wear something underneath. I wore a men's t-shirt from Urban Outfitters underneath. I always find the coolest stuff in the men's department at Urban. Don't be afraid to dabble in menswear fashion. Some of my favorite t-shirts and oversized styles are men's clothing. I picked a men's style t-shirt because this particular style is a longer cut t-shirt and also slim fit. I liked that you can see the t-shirt layer under the sweater. This look is comfortable to wear and will look completely different with one layer removed. It's almost winter so time to pile on those layers!

Outfit Deets

Sweater: Express

Undershirt: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: (Similar Pair)

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Zara