Similar Shades

Lately, I have been finding myself layering on similar shades. I always thought that monochromatic looks were so boring and way too easy, when really it's the complete opposite! Many designers have experimented with monochromatic fashion but Kanye West really gave us an updated look on how great similar colors look together. In the look above I used olive green as my color to try out a monochromatic look with. If I were to wear olive green shoes and an olive green shirt, I feel like I would be really over doing it. Instead, I brightened up my look with a crisp white t-shirt that has a great side split detail. I toned down the shoes with a beige booty that complements the olive green perfectly. I know, my look isn't completely monochromatic but all of the shades are cohesive and complement each other well. That is the key to making similar shades look great together. Not all greens will look good together. You might have to sub a green out for a beige like I did; as long as the colors vibe with each other. If you want to try monochromatic looks, start with black and grey. They are the easiest and I can guarantee you have plenty of things to work with in your wardrobe. You will be looking like a Yeezy runway model in no time!

Outfit Details

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Jacket: Glamorous @ Nordstrom

Cargo Pants: Target

Split T-Shirt: ASOS

Fringe Booties: ZARA (Last Year)