Wearing Leggings Tastefully

One of my best words of wisdom to women is to NEVER wear leggings as pants. Just don't do it. I'll be honest and tell you that no one wants to see your patterned panties and no one especially wants to see every single detail of your booty. I don't care how skinny you are. No! No! NO! Leggings are not pants which is why they are sold in the hosiery department. They come in suede, leather and even come in cool motto styles, but, no they are still not pants. I love fall and the transitioning of the weather, but man do I hate seeing leggings as pants every where I go. I wanted to share with you my tips to wearing your favorite leggings more tastefully. Leggings are that go to item that are easy to throw on. Your black pair probably goes with everything, except for just a t-shirt (Remember: no leggings as pants!).

Tip 1: Wear your leggings with a long blouse or tunic. Free People has some of my favorite tunics that are too short to be a dress. If I bend over the slightest I'm giving a free show. Instead I would pair this style of tunics with leggings. That way you still get the feel of wearing them as pants but your tunic will be long enough to cover your booty. Tip 2: The pictures above are the most common way I wear my leggings. I paired my leather leggings with a long suede vest. The leggings are acting as a pant but I have a 3rd piece that covers all my areas that I don't want to share with the world. I only recommend wearing this style if your leggings are not see through. Tip 3: If you are in a rush and don't have time to elaborate your outfit just tie an oversized flannel around your waist. Make sure the flannel isn't your little sisters though. You want the flannel to be proportioned with the rest of the outfit. This option is great for women who wear more sporty styles. Pair your leggings with your favorite t-shirt, sneakers and tie an oversized flannel around your waist.

I hope these tips will be more helpful the next time you style your leggings.

Outfit Details

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Long Vest: Free To Wander Boutique

Sunglasses: Quay

Leather Leggings: Lysse @ Nordstrom

Black Turtle Neck: Similar

Boots: Marc Fisher