Freaking Fabulous

Over the knee boots are a must have in your wardrobe. I have been obsessing (along with everyone else) over the Stuart Weitzman 'Highland' over the knee boots. Let's face it though, I don't have $800 to throw down on a pair of boots, no matter how perfectly amazing they may be. I have been on a hunt for a similar pair but but at a fraction of the price. I ordered several pairs from several different brands but I just didn't LOVE any of them. I wanted to LOVE the boots and not feel like I'm missing out by not having the Stuart Weitzman. I was able to find a pair that gave me that LOVE feeling and I am obsessed!!! (I know, I'm crazy. Clothes give me special feelings.) I found these babies by the brand Dolce Vita. They were a little snug around my calves but after wearing them for a day at work they hugged my leg just right. The boots are 100% real suede and amazingly soft. They also have an adjustable tie at the top of the boot that allows them to stay in place all day. They might not be the Stuart Weitzman boots but I definitely had quite a few people fooled at work. Someone even said, "The Stuarts look great on you!". You don't always need to buy the most expensive fashions to feel good and look fab. Sometimes I get tempted to spend my money on designer pieces but I have to remind myself it's not always about the name. You can find identical pieces with great quality for less than a quarter of the price. I settled for my Dolce Vita boots and a new outfit to go with it... and still had plenty of cash left over. Don't get wrapped up in designer names.

You don't need a fancy logo or expensive price tag to be freaking fabulous!

Outfit Details

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Dress: Nordstrom

Jacket: Glamorous

Boots: Dolce Vita