Just Kickin' It

I love looks like this. Looks that I can be comfortable in all day but still feel okay going out to dinner, getting cocktails or going to an event in. Who says I can't wear sneakers and still dress up my look?! The key to this look if you're going to wear sneakers is finding the right sneaker. If you plan on wearing this outfit with your dusty worn out running sneakers, then plan on looking like you are on your way home from work on the subway and you made a shoe swap. In other words, you're going to make this look a little too casual. I paired this look with exclusive Adidas that are quite the conversation piece when I am out. I added my favorite distressed denim that every girl needs. These jeans are so soft they feel like you're wearing leggings. They still have a structured denim texture so it doesn't look like leggings but the feeling could fool you. I always like to think if I can take my sneaks off and swap them for heels and the outfit is still fab, you're good to go. This outfit would look just as stylish with heels or sneaks. Don't be afraid to swap your heels out for fun sneaks!

Outfit Details

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Navy Camisole: ASOS

Black Jeans: Hudson denim

Shoes: ADIDAS for asos