The Perfect Flannel

I feel like flannels will never go out of style at this point. They have become a staple piece in everyone's wardrobe throughout some period of the year. Flannels have been really trendy for several decades now but they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Probably because they make a great layering piece, they are super warm & cozy and they work on all different body types. The flannel in the pictures above is my absolute favorite! It is SO soft, long enough to wear with leggings and it has pockets. I love anything that has pockets. I paired it with utility style pants that I got from Target for $30. I've worn the heck out of my utility pants already because they go with basically everything. The heeled Chelsea booties are a must have in your closet. They also go with everything and have a thick sole which makes them very comfortable. This entire look is the epitome of a comfortable but not too casual fall outfit.

Outfit Details

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Flannel: Free People

Pant: Target

Shoes: Marc Fisher